8 Best ECO-friendly Portable Dog Water Bottles For Travel

December 02, 2021

Whenever you travel in Paris with your dog, hike on the beach, or travel in an RV with your dog,stay hydrated all the time. The dogs are more sensitive to thirsty than human being, they need more water. While on the traveling way, it is difficult to find safe water. So the best idea is to prepare water in advance. There are so many dog water bottles on the market. You can choose anyone by your own opinion. But the most important issue when you are making the choice is safety, which means both green and Eco-friendly. This guide will help you to know better with the safety issue of the dog water bottles. 

pet dog water bottle

How to find an Eco-friendly dog water bottle:

1.Dog Water Bottles Materials

Materials are the most important for an Eco-friendly dog water bottle. The most ideal material is with these features: no-toxic, easy to wash, durable with high temperature (some materials release toxic in high temperature environment). 

Actually it is quite easy to find which material is safe. You can check the bottles for people drinking. The materials of the human water bottles are still good for dogs. Here we list some normal materials which is best for dog water bottles: Stainless steel 304, Tritan plastic. These two are expensive but perfect safe. PC plastic is still safe and durable with high temperature. PET plastic is good in normal use, but it cannot be put in hot water (it will release toxic and shrink).

2.Dog Water Bottles Certifications

It is glad to find that some of the dog water bottles are with certifications from test lab, such as FDA in US, LFGB in German. These dog water bottles are with good quality and endorsed by these well reputation test labs. If you cannot make decision to choose your ideal dog water bottle, choose the one with certifications. It will not be a bad choice to choose a good quality product.

3.Dog Water Bottles NO leaking

Dog water bottle is still a bottle. A bottle which is for traveling should not leak water. If the water leaks out, it is not only make your bag wet but also let the water engaged with bacteria. The polluted water which will be kept in the bottle for several hours will cause sick.

4.Dog Water Bottles Back-flow water

Not wasting water is important for an Eco-friendly product. When dogs drink water from dog water bottle, there is always some water left in the trough. If these water could be flow back to the bottle, it is perfect. 

5.Dog Water Bottles Keep the trough clean

The trough of dog water bottles should be kept clean without any pollution. So, is it easy to wash? Is it could be kept untouchable of the pollution? Is it smooth and without any sharp edge to hurt the tongue of dogs? These topics should be considered when we are choosing a dog water bottle.

Best ECO-friendly Portable Dog Water Bottles Reviews:

We have concluded some topic issues about the Eco-friendly dog water bottles, and here let’s list some good product on the market for your reference. 

1.MalsiPree Leak Proof Portable Dog Water Bottle

Key words: Leak proof, PC material, best sell, back flow

MalsiPree Leak Proof Portable Dog Water Bottle

MalsiPree dog water bottle is the best sell dog water bottle on Amazon, only only in US, but also in Euro and UK. It is with good reputation on quality. The rating on Amazon is 4.8.  The water volumn is 12-ounce (8.27” x 2.7”) or 19-ounce (10” x 2.7”) and the bottle is made from food-grade ABS and PC. This bottle is leak-proof with the silicon seal ring. It is easy to use by one hand. There’s also a slide lock key which is preventing the water from accidentally flowing. Or it may wet your travel suitcase. You can press a big button to release and stop the water. With this dispenser you don’t have to waste water because the unused water can be re-drain back into the bottle. The trough is round and concave, which is not easy to be touched. This dog water bottle  is easy to clean, even we can put it the dis-washer because the materials is high temperature durable.

2.Pawsbeauty (Vivas Mastac) Portable Dog Water Bottle

Key words: Certifications, Tritan, Leak proof, Concave Trough

Pawsbeauty (Vivas Mastac) Portable Dog Water Bottle

Pawsbeauty dog water bottle has enough models for anybody’s choice. There are 12oz, 18oz, 19oz, and 30oz different capacities. There are Tritan, PC, PET materials. The most important is they have certifications both in US and EU. FDA is for US, LFGB/CE are for EU. The quality and safety are fully tested by test labs. All the dog water bottles from Pawsbeauty are with Leak-proof key. And the water can be re-drained back. It is a truly Eco-friendly product. 

3.Pawsbeauty Foldable Dog Water Bottle

Key words: Certifications, Hidden trough, Mini-size

Pawsbeauty Foldable Dog Water Bottle

Pawsbeauty foldable dog water bottle is the smallest dog water bottle on the market. It is only 20cm length with 11oz (300ml) water. As the other products from Pawsbeauty, it is with FDA/CE/LFGB certifications. The quality is creditable. The small size is perfect for ladies to put in their purse. The trough can be folded to keep clean. There is only a small problem is that the water cannot be re-drained. But to carry such a tiny bottle is quite easy for a short walk, we still can find safe water nearby, right?

4.KONG H2O Stainless Steel Dog Water Bottle 

Key words: Branded, Stainless steel, durable quality

KONG H2O Stainless Steel Dog Water Bottle

Kong is a famous brand in dog chewing toys. They have their own dog water bottle. It is made of stainless steel which is easy to clean and very durable in any tough circumstance. The capacity is 9.5 oz which is not very big. A carabiner is included so you can hang it on your bag if you don’t want to pack it inside while traveling. 

Water could not be re-drained back. We choose Kong dog water bottle is because of its famous brand, and we believe it could be a good product on the market. 

5.Petkit Portable Dog Water Dispenser

Key words: filter, leak-proof key

Petkit Portable Dog Water Dispenser

Petkit Portable dog water dispenser is an interesting product. It has a filter inside to clean water. But when we are preparing to walk out with the dog water bottle, of course we will put safe water into it. So the filter is a little bit useless with my own opinion. Anyway, when we are re-draining water back to the bottle, maybe the filter could do its job. The size of Petkit dog water dispenser is 9oz and 15oz. And it also has a leak-proof key to prevent the button be opened by accident.

6.Tuff Pupper PupFlask Portable Water Bottle

Key words: big capacity, easy to use

Tuff Pupper PupFlask Portable Water Bottle

The Tuff Pupper PupFlask Portable Water Bottle is quick and easy to use when you’re on the go. This travel water bottle for dogs is offered in 27-ounce and 40-ounce options and is made from stainless steel. The trough is made of silicon and is folded when it is not in use. If you want to feed dog water, just fold and open the trough and screw the cover, the water comes out. My concerning is that the soft silicon trough could be damaged if dogs chew the trough. And if the fragments are swallowed by the dogs, it could be a disaster. Any way, the capacity and the size is very nice for a long traveling.

7.Gulpy Portable Water Dispenser for Dogs

Key words: Foldable, Big capacity, Bike traveling

Gulpy Portable Water Dispenser for Dogs

The Gulpy Portable Water Dispenser is praised for its versatility because it accepts standard water bottles. This dog water dispenser has a generous 20-ounce capacity and a flip open, flip close design. 

This bottle is great for those who are biking or road tripping with their dogs as it fits in bike water bottle holders and car cup holders. It is light and easy to carry. But the water could not be re-drained, and the PET material cannot be durable in hot climate. Do not put it in dishwasher, the hot water will damage the bottle. 

8.lesotc Dog Travel Water Bottle

Key words: hot sale, good size, foldable trough

lesotc Dog Travel Water Bottle

The lesotc Dog Travel Water Bottle offers a 2-in-1 bottle and bowl. The cap acts as a bowl and you can release the water with the press of a button. The 17-ounce water bottle has a capacity mark so you know how much water is left. It only measures 5.5” x 3.5” x 3.5” with such a big capacity. The trough is made of silicon, which make the same question: what will happen if the dog chew the trough? And the bottle is made of HDPE which could not be washed by hot water. Lesotc dog water bottle is a good product for a long traveling. Just watch out your dogs, make sure they will not chew the trough as a toy.


Dogs are our best friend. Please take good care of them wherever we are. Especially on the traveling road, please keep them hydrate and clean. Remember they need more water then human. Enjoy the happiness with them on your adventure, bring a good dog water bottle for your best friend.

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