Why Are The Production Costs Of Almost The Same Dog Water Bottles Very Different?

December 23, 2021

In our work, we often encounter customers asking questions like this. Why is the price of another dog water bottle with almost the same shape much lower? I have also encountered the same question asked by my colleagues. Why the production costs of the same type of dog water bottles vary so much?

dog water bottle

In fact, this problem is a general one, because there are many factors that will cause different production costs and different selling prices. First of all, the production standards are different, and the higher the quality requirements, the higher the production cost, and also the higher the price. Different materials will also cause different costs. Take plastic as an example. The cost of Tritan is much higher than that of PET. This quality of Tritan is much higher than PET as well. The products cost may make the cost triple when comparing different materials. 

dog water bottle materials

The operating costs of enterprises are different. Operating costs are the manifestation of the comprehensive operating costs of the enterprise, which include management costs, production costs, material costs, etc. Operating costs do not fully reflect the quality of the product, but only reflect the business management mode and operation method .

Different market positioning and different market positioning will result in different advertising costs for companies. For example, in order to promote their products, advertising costs of Nike will account for 60% of marketing costs.

Enterprise productivity is also an important factor in determining the cost of product production. Under the same site, material, labor, and time conditions, the difference in productivity will directly cause the difference of cost. For example, Pawsbeauty has 20 production lines and produces 200,000 pcs dog water bottles. So the cost of labor, electricity, waste of materials and depreciation can be evenly spread across all the products. The productivity is very high in Pawsbeauty.

Every buyer wants to buy the most cost-effective product, so when comparing the purchase cost and selling price, a comprehensive comparison should be made, including materials, quality, design, delivery and after service. You cannot just compare the price. Every product is in the market. There are reasonable costs on the market. If deviated from the reasonable cost, the more deviated, more problems may exists in the products.

Pawsbeauty provide customers with a full set of dog water bottle services, from product design, structural design, mold development, to plastic processing and stainless steel processing. For more knowledge about dog water bottles, please leave a message or contact us for communication.

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