There Are So Many Benefits Of Washing Dogs' Feet!

August 11, 2021

1、 Wipe your claws every day and don't take foreign matters and garbage home

After walking the dog every day, the most basic thing is to wipe the paws clean. This can not only wipe away the garbage and foreign matters that may be contaminated on the dog's paws when going out, but also play a basic guarantee for the environmental sanitation at home. At the same time, wiping the dog's paws is actually a way to interact with the dog. Dogs that let the excrement shoveler touch their paws for the original reason generally rely on or trust the excrement shoveler, while those who resist very much may be dogs with insufficient socialization. The excrement shoveling officer can improve this situation through some training to make the dog better at communicating with people

2、 Check the health of your dog's paws while cleaning them

Many dog owners have asked questions about dogs licking their paws too often backstage. Dogs lick their paws too often because of itching or boredom, and the most common cause of itching is interphalangeal inflammation. Common diseases of dog claws include interphalangeal cyst, interphalangeal pyoderma, eczema, interphalangeal inflammation, trauma, cracking, mites, etc. If these dog claw diseases can appear in the symptom period, early treatment can greatly shorten the treatment difficulty and treatment cycle. Mild symptoms can be improved and cured by cleaning with foot cleansing foam

3、 Regular nourishment of dog paws

Dogs' claws shoulder the arduous task of daily exercise and walking. Since they are so important, simple cleaning is not enough, just like the effect of long-term use of nourishing cosmetics and simple face washing. Regularly nourishing the dog's claws can keep the dog's claws healthy, enhance the ability of the claws to resist interphalangeal diseases, improve the damaged meat pad, and restore the dog's claws to the most healthy state

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