What Kind Of Comb Should A Teddy Dog Use?

July 18, 2021

Needle comb.

Needle comb: the comb teeth of the needle comb are needle shaped, with different softness and hardness. It can stretch out the thick wool to make the washed edges fluffy.

Comb arrangement: the comb teeth are arranged neatly with different density. It is suitable for combing small dogs with short hair. If the hair is too long, the comb will encounter the situation that the hair is knotted and the comb will not move.

Handle comb: the handle of the handle comb is relatively long, which is convenient to use force in hand. The comb teeth are dense but hard and thick. It can be used to break through those long hairs and find out the position of knotting.

Hair removal comb: the comb teeth of the hair removal comb are very sharp. The dead hair in the hair removal period is easy to be combed down, but don't use it too much. Be careful to shave the dog bald.

Flea removing comb: the purpose of flea removing comb is not to comb hair. The very thin comb tooth pitch is to sweep away fleas and other parasites. With its careful and careful combing, it can remove all kinds of dirt stuck on the hair.

The function of massage comb is not to comb hair, but to massage the dog's skin through the hair through the round comb teeth. The dog will like it very much, but the premise is that you should be gentle and patient.

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