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  • Dog Foot Cleaner for Large Dogs
    Dog Foot Cleaner for Large Dogs
    This is a Dog Foot Cleaner For Large Dogs over 50lb. After walking out with your dog, their paws are always dirty with dirt, mud, even their own poop. With this foot cleaner, easily put water into the cup and rotate it to wash the dog’s paws all around. The Dog foot cleaner is not leaking and with food grade materials. It is quite robust. If you drop it from 3 meters high, it is still working.
  • Tumbler Cat Toy with Feather
    Tumbler Cat Toy with Feather
    Tumbler Cat Toy With Feather is a tumbler toy that there is feather on the top. The feather could help the cats to raise interest in playing it. It also can load with cat treat. Treat falls out to reward pets, in order to make them keep playing with it. The Tumbler Cat Toy With Feather can help reduce your cat boredom and destructive behavior, increases their IQ, maintain their physical alertness by the interactive games they do with Tumbler Cat Toy With Feather.
  • Cat Hair Remover Brush
    Cat Hair Remover Brush
    This is a very effective Cat Hair Remover Brush because its comb needles are bending with 35 degrees. This helps to clean the floating hairs better. There are also round beads on the brush needle to protect the skin of pets from being scratched by the comb needle. This Cat Hair Remover Brush can meet any of your requirements of a hair remover.
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