Starbucks provide customization demand of dog water bottle

 Pawsbeauty evaluate Starbucks customization demand, including feasibility, technology, cost and backup plan. Then we provide the solution. 

 The TM character in Starbucks' logo design is too small for the tooling, which is unfeasible. We adjusted it to the design shown in left downside.

 The button was going to make a new tooling.

 The lead time of the tooling is 10 days.

 The cost of the tooling is 1000USD.

 Solution of the printing on the bottle:

1) Gradients color and flower pattern is applying thermal transfer technology. LOGO is applying screen printing or pad printing. The patterns should allows a little deformation to achieve the target of a big printing area.

2) Gradients is applying spray painting. The flower pattern is applying thermal transfer. LOGO is applying screen printing or pad printing separately. The key point is flower pattern should meet the requirement. If the thermal transfer cannot make the whole bottle, we need to know the area is printing to fix the design.


 After confirmed with printing supplier, the above 2 solution both has the same problems:

1) The thermal transfer area is too small for the design. It cannot meet the requirement from Starbucks.

2) The bottle is with curved surface. So the spray printing area should be less than 5cm, and the time for a single printing is 15 mins. Considering about the cost and capacity of manufacture, the solution is not feasible. 

The maximum area of thermal transfer is 2.5cm. Or the pattern will be wrinkled, which is shown below.  

The gradient color is feasible. We send samples to the printing supplier and the gradient sample will be received in 2 days.



 Problems of Logo on the bottle and solution:

Since there is no fixed position on the bottle, the LOGO cannot be printed on the bottle without the cover. The only solution is to print logo on the bottle with cover.

Because the size of the whole dog water bottle is quite big, the capacity of printing is only several hundreds per day. 


 Evaluation of new technology and testing.

After analyzing all the demand from Starbucks, the most difficult point is the gradient pattern of flower on the bottle. We tried some solutions:

1. Work with new printing suppliers to valuate the demand together. Finally two of the suppliers is chosen for this project.

2. Since the gradient color is a new demand, both of the two suppliers tested different technology to check the feasibility. After a whole weeks’ experiment, both suppliers feedback that only thermal transfer and spray printing could meet the requirement from Starbucks. Since the bottle has curved surface, both technology only can work on a small area.

3. We organize a tripartite conference with Starbucks and printing supplier. On the meeting, the technologies are evaluated. The result of the meeting is that Starbucks think the outcome of these 2 technology will not fully meet the market demand, and neither thermal transfer nor spray printing is accepted. And Starbucks insists the gradient color. We should feedback a replacement design solution.

4. Gradient spray printing is a mature technology, but on a curved bottle, it is still a difficulty. The gradient spray pattern is required a limited area and the consistency in manufacture. We need to make a new fixture for the curved bottle.

5. Working with a blow molding factory and a professional printing factory, we make some gradient samples which could be mass manufactured. Then the samples are sent to Starbucks to confirm.


Finally Starbucks chooses the left sample to confirm. 

After the gradient color bottle is confirmed, we make the final sample for Starbucks to confirm.


 Making samples in the factory.    

Final samples are confirmed by Starbucks. Starbucks provides QC requirement for mass manufacturing.

Based on QC requirement from customer, we arrange the testing and send them test report.


After the QC confirmation, Starbucks puts order to Pawsbeauty.

Mass production and ship the final products to Starbucks.

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